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    Transtek provides TRUE real-time information for traffic managers,
    passengers, drivers as well as service staff on intuitive graphical user interfaces.

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    ELSY, is Transtek's reliable intelligent E/E architecture system.
    It is easy to design and enables vehicle health diagnostics over the Internet

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    Transtek’s Communication Platform acts as a router/gateway for the entire
    vehicle. Information is relayed from the vehicle's chassis-CAN to
    other parts of the vehicle system, as well as to and from systems outside the vehicle, via 3G / 4G.

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    Driver In Command

    Transtek has several solutions to improve the driver's compartment
    and to help the driver during the day, as well as to assist the driver serving the passengers.

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    Bird View

    The Transtek Bird View monitoring system eliminates the blind spot,
    since it provides a virtual 360° view of the vehicle’s
    surroundings from a bird’s eye perspective.

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    Transtek offers a powerful Infotainment system. It has high resolution
    colour displays, in several dimensions for different installation
    options, to show useful traffic information and commercials to
    passengers, based on the vehicle's location.

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    Transtek has a unique remote diagnostics system that gives
    access to the Voith transmission at any time.

Welcome to Transtek


Transtek focuses on innovative solutions for public transport. Our main business areas are ELSY, our intelligent E/E architecture system, along with real-time information to travellers, traffic managers and service staff. By combining vehicle performance and health information with traffic information, Transtek is able to provide a unique combination of solutions to our customers.

It is essential to see structures, relationships and opportunities for development, as well as the accompanying economic and geographical limitations. Within such frameworks, we build systems that meet every customer requirement.

Transtek Turkey Otomotiv


TRANSTEK Turkey Otomotiv is an integrator of knowledge and technology in the field of transportation, and automotive industry. Based on years of extensive experience and understanding of the current and future challenges of the global and local industry, TRANSTEK offers full service solutions together with complete transport business consultancy.


Making Public Transport – attractive, efficient and safe Services and Products.