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Trafik Light Priority

Transtek Turkey Otomotiv

Trafik Light Priority

With Transtek's solution for traffic light priority at cross­ings, the buses and trams can automa­ti­cally get priority when appro­aching. Thereby, the traf­fic flow will be more even and delays can be avoided. No action is needed by the public transport driver and the system is easy to install and configure. It can be used with any traffic light controller unit with detector inputs. No dig­ging is needed when installing the system and it is easy to move, if needed.


  • It is easy to define when and where a vehicle should get priority.
  • It can be defined that vehicles' priority request should always be granted, or that they only will be acknowledged when the vehicle is late.
  • Several protocols are supported, e.g. KAR.
  • No need to dig down loops.
  • Deactivation signal sent when passing the crossing.
  • Can be used by emergency vehicles.
  • Priority requests sent by emergency vehicles will always override other requests.
  • Road barriers can be automatically opened and closed.