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Driver in Command

Thoreb has several solutions to improve the driver's compart­ment and to help the driver during the day, as well as to assist the driver serving the passengers.

For the user inter­face, Thoreb offers a wide range of driver displays, suitable for different types of installation. Also, Thoreb has dash­board panels for up to 96 switches, possible to integrate with our ELSY.

Our vehicle computers can control a wide range of peripherals while at the same time the number of user interfaces are kept to a minimum. Settings made in and information from the vehicle computer can be distributed to other parts of the vehicle system. A few examples of what is possible: controlling destination and line number signs, keeping track of the vehicle’s GPS position, measuring distance travelled (part of Thorebs onboard AVL system), replacing warning and control lamps, working as CAN interface for engine and gear box diagnostics, alarming the driver and service staff when malfunctions occur, handling and storing MP3-files for announcements and communication via voice and text messages with traffic managers.


  • Vehicle diagnostics

  • Climate control

  • Video surveillance

  • Line and destination signs

  • Warning and control lamps

  • GPS navigation

  • Automatic audible announcements

  • Voice and text messages between driver and traffic managers

Thoreb gives the driver full control over the entire vehicle and ensures that they can drive without unacceptable interruptions which results in greater passenger comfort.

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