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To ensure fire protection safety in a wide range of vehicles, Dafo SV-K systems are designed to be scalable. The agent tanks ranging from 5 to 25 liter can be combined multiple times. Everything from the smallest forklift to the largest mining machines can easily be protected. The SV-K tanks are non-pressurized during normal operation and only pressurized. Then, the system is released, returning to a non-pressurized state after activation.

The SV-K agent tank offers flexible installation and can be positioned horizontally to upright. Activation can be done manually or automatically by any Dafo Vehicle detection and control system to comply with the different customer or regulatory demands to ensure optimum fire safety. The pressure for releasing the suppression agent is obtained from a standalone Nitrogen cartridge. This design, including a non-pressurized agent tank, minimizes the risk of injury and potential leakages that normally come with pressure vessels.

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