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Movon Corporation was founded as a testing laboratory office of Cetecom Germany in Seoul, Korea in 1998. Movon is a market leader in the field of vision analysis technology-based collision avoidance system which is known as ADAS and Driver fatigue monitoring system (DSM). Additionally, Movon is accredited as an EMC Testing laboratory for named vehicle manufacturers and market no. 1 in the Automotive testing lab. Movon provides a variety of IOT solutions, especially in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and so on, in the field of wireless technology.

Why Movon?

Studies show that more than 90% of all accidents are caused by human error, the prime cause being inattentiveness! The number one factor is the use of mobile devices, fatigue, preoccupation with things unrelated to driving, and more.

All of these can be avoided by using the MOVON system to prevent traffic accidents, which serves as a third eye, detects dangers, and warns before they occur.


Movon Driver Safety & Monitoring​

DSM (Driver Safety & Monitoring) with Deep-Learning technology ​can support drowsiness/attention warning and seat-belt reminder as well as periodic event data and video footage transfer.

Compact & Separate
DSM camera​
with 2nd Camera supported​


MDSM-22 offers a robust Drowsiness and Distraction Warning feature that utilizes a deep learning algorithm. This enables the system to recognize the driver's face even in various vehicle environments such as during the day, at night, and when the driver is wearing a mask, hat, or sunglasses. The system can detect and calculate the driver's head position (x, y, z), face direction (yaw, pitch, roll), and whether their eyes and mouth are open or closed.

AI-powered Camera with ADAS+DMS​

3ch. AI-powered edge-level fleet camera
system for Driver Safety and Monitoring

DSM with Deep-Learning technology can support drowsiness/ attention warning and seat-belt reminder as well as periodic event data and video transfer.

Main Functions
MOVON Drowsiness.png


Provides alarms when the driver’s
eyes are closed.


Provides alarms when the driver
looks away.


Detects when the driver yawns.
Provides alarms when the yawning continues.


Supports 3 different recording modes:
Normal / G-sensor event / DSM event.
Transmits real-time video via Ethernet
(ONVIF) or stores in SD card (Maximum 128G).


Detects when the driver smokes.

Driver ID detection

Stores (maximum) 200driver IDs and identifies
which driver is on board.

Phone use

Provides alarms when the driver uses mobile
phone while driving.

Seat-belt Reminder

Bir sürücünün Emniyet kemerini 10 km/saatin üzerinde bağlamadığını tespit edin.

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