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Automatic Passenger Counting

Thoreb's Automatic Passenger Counting system provides vital answers on questions like "How many passengers boarded and alighted at each and every stop?" and "How high is the pas­senger load at each jour­ney?".

By using stereo 3D camera technology and state of the art image processing tech­nology, it is easy to count all boarding and alighting pass­engers. The accuracy amounts to amazing 98%, even under uncontrolled and difficult conditions.

The passenger load can be connected to each stop and trip and saved as log files or sent to a central system in real-time. Since the only information that is saved from the cameras is the processed counting data and no individuals are identified, integrity is guaranteed. The installation and setup is fast and easy. The passenger load can be shown in real-time or as various reports based on search criteria, by using Thoreb’s Follow-up Reporting tool, an Internet application available from any com­puter via a web browser. Information regarding passenger load can be combined with values reported from other parts of the Thoreb product solutions.


  • Average counting accuracy of 98%

  • High counting precisions, even if it is crowded

  • Vandalism-proof

  • Bi-directional counting

  • Manages children and prams

  • VDV 300 , VDV457 and VDV458 conformity

  • detailed reports, based on user-defined search criteria

With Thoreb's Automatic Passenger Counting system, which has the accuracy of 98% at the minimum, you have the total control over the passenger flow in your vehicle fleet.

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