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With Thoreb's eTicket on-board, validation of QR code tickets is easily made when boarding.

It doesn't matter if the QR code is displayed within a ticketing app on a smart phone or tablet, or if it has been printed as a paper ticket. Just show it for the Thoreb QR code scanner. The status of the QR ticket is immediately indicated to the driver on the driver display.

The QR reader can be installed in a number of ways, e.g. on a pole, on the dashboard, or by using a console. Not only QR codes can be read. Utilizing 2D barcode reading capabilities, also Aztec, PDF417, DataMatrix and IATA resolution 792 can be handled across a variety of media.


  • for mobile as well as paper ticketing

  • intuitive to use

  • provides immediate feedback for both the passenger and driver

  • rugged design

  • each ticket will only work once

With Thoreb's eTicket you get a reliable ticketing system with a minimum of investments.

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