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Traffic Operation Control

Thoreb offers a number of Traffic Operation Control tools to facilitate the daily traffic management.

You can super­vise the traffic in real-time, regard­ing vehicle position, punctuali­ty, etc. on a map and chart. Moreover you are able to communicate with the driver via text and voice, or handling assault alarm events. Further­more the Early Warning application presents CAN diag­nostics messages in real-time from the vehicles.

Which functionalities are enabled, differ between users, depending on the type of system. TMi works like an Internet browser and gets all its displayed information from the Internet. In TMi you are able to adapt the information you want to study, by defining groups of lines, vehicles of interest, etc.


  • Graphical line overview

  • Vehicles' and stops' position on a map, with outlined selected journeys

  • Punctuality

  • Detailed information about selected vehicle/journey/stop/etc

  • Indication of "double logon"

  • Tracking of any vehicles, with the last know position indicated on the map

  • Definition of line groups

  • Historical journey information

  • Indication and logging of vehicle alarm events

  • Text and voice messages to/from vehicles

With our Traffic Operation Control tools you are able to analyse the whole traffic situation and have complete control over your traffic management!

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